Artist Statement

My work is devoted to telling the story of everyday life in urban settings around the world. I seek to capture moods and feelings in the settings and to take the viewer into that environment. When I am painting figures in these settings I try imagine what these characters are and what their story is. I try to come to my own conclusions about these people and try to convey what I think they are feeling. The end result that I shoot for is pleasing to the eye for its use of color, composition, and subject matter but also something that transports the viewer to another environment and an interesting view into the human condition.

The inspiration and purpose for my work is my wife and my kids who are and will always be the most beautiful and wondrous reason for me to be here. I am also blessed and inspired by family and friends who have supported me on this long creative journey through thick and thin. Most importantly, I am thankful to God and Jesus for blessing me with a life of purpose and meaning.